これがおすすめ! 金沢ダイジェスト A digest of what the locals recommend!

極上グルメ Prime selection of dishes


Blessed with rich nature, there are many delicious foods in Kanazawa. Here are some of the dishes which we recommend to try as long as you visit Kanazawa.

海の幸 Seafood

日本三大寿司処のひとつ 寿司
One of the three most delicious sushi areas - SUSHI


Kanazawa is famous for one of the “Three most delicious sushi areas in Japan” with Otaru(Hokkaido) and Shimizu(Shizuoka).Thanks to the fresh marine products, there are many sushi restaurants, including relatively reasonable price.

濃厚な甘みに感動 甘エビ
Impressive for rich sweetness - Amaebi (Deep-water shrimp)


Deep-water shrimps in Hokuriku are characteristic of rich sweetness and shrimp meat. Sashimi (sliced raw fish) is excellent. They also produce a delicious stock, so we recommend them for miso soup, too.

ほこほこの身に舌鼓 加能ガニ
Smack your lips over the crab meat - Kanougani crab


Snow crabs caught in Ishikawa are known as “Kanougani crab”. The fresh crabs have no odor and their meat enchants with its faint sweetness. Both crab meat and “miso” (innards) are superb.

脂がのり旨みたっぷり ブリ
Rich taste of prime yellowtail - Buri (Japanese yellowtail)


As an essential part of the Hokuriku winter, yellowtails are served in different ways including sashimi, teriyaki and simmered with Japanese radish. The head and “collar” are also delicious so nothing goes to waste.

加賀料理 Kaga Dishes

加賀料理の代表格 治部煮(じぶに)
A representative of Kaga dishes - Jibuni


A dish of duck or chicken boiled in a thick broth with fu (wheat gluten) and vegetables. It is usually served with wasabi. It can be eaten all year-round and the ingredients change according to the season.

A ripened dish for the adults - Kabura Sushi


This is a kind of fermented sushi with yellowtail layered between turnips. The balance of the crisp turnip and the fatty yellowtail creates a rich flavor and goes well with both rice and sake.

加賀野菜 Kaga Vegetables



Fifteen kinds of vegetables grown in Kanazawa since World War 2nd have been designated as “Kaga vegetables”. Here are some typical ones.

Kaga Renkon (Lotus root)


This is characterized by the thickness and stickiness of its flesh. It is used in one of Kaga dishes called “Renkon no hasu mushi; steamed lotus root”.



This is a leafy vegetable with bright purple on the reverse side. It becomes slimy after boiling and the texture likes mulukhiya.

庶民派グルメ Delicious Dishes for the people

Hanton Rice


This is a dish wrapped chicken pilaf in a thin omelet with fried-fishes. It was originated in Kanazawa and you can eat in Western-style restaurants.

Kanazawa Curry


This is a curry and rice with fried-pork cutlets and sliced cabbage on the thick roux. It is an inexpensive and substantial dish.

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