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Traditional Performing Arts

Kanazawa is and always has been a major cultural center. In view of its long history of supporting and encouraging local arts and culture, one cannot visit Kanazawa without being exposed to and enjoying the unique cultural aspects of Kaga. The following are just a few of the hundreds of artistic, theatrical, and historical cultural events available.

Traditional Performing Arts

Nagauta(Geisha Dance)

Nagauta is a kind of traditional Japanese music which accompanies the Kabuki theater. The Shamisen, a lute with three strings, is indispensable for Nagauta. Shamisen player sings sitting on the floor. Beside them, Geishas in beautiful dresses(Kimono) dance brilliantly. Geishas' sophisticated performance and warm-hearted hospitality are highly evaluated.

Noh Drama

Noh Drama is the classical Japanese dance theatre that has been performed since the 14th century. Many characters are masked, with men playing male and female roles. There is a weird repertory, in which Ghost, spirit, celestial nymph and mad perform. On the other hand, there is a spectacular one dragon and goblin appear.

"Shisimai" Lion Dance

Developed over time, the Chinese Lion Dance, the Kaga Shishimai has been adapted to the culture of the Kaga region - present day Ishikawa. A huge, elegantly hand-carved cedar lion mask is brought to life by a man while, behind him, the rest of his troupe, huddling under the lion's cloth hide, animate its body. Dancing and diving, leaping and prancing, the dancers create an energetic, vibrant, mythical beast.

"Taiko" Drum Performance

Taiko is the traditional Japanese drum performance for festival and ceremony. "Gojinjo Taiko" is a distinctive style of Taiko performance developed in Noto Peninsula, located in the north of Ishikawa Prefecture. Its unique costume and strong sound are derived from their ancestor who protected themselves from enemy by playing Taiko, as they had no weapons.